This clay figure is about 6 inches tall and was inspired by the album
The Divine Comedy by Milla Jovovich. The project took about three weeks
to complete. The figure was constructed to act as a book. There are four
pages containing several song lyrics from the album handwritten on
watercolor paper. The wings are detachable and made of wire and cloth.

The figure itself is colored light blue. Below are several more photographs
of the peice. Colors are somewhat off in these photographs, but you get
the idea of how it looks. The figure is a fairy and she's holding a
mandoline, an instrument like a guitar. She's also holding the instrument
in her left hand because Milla is left handed. On the bottom of the
mandoline are Milla's initials in cyrillic. I'm really happy with it, and I hope
you guys like it too.

Any comments or questions? email me at

A Photo of the Back

A Side View

A Three Quarter View

Another Three Quarter View